Integrated Customer Experience (ICE) measures a firm’s maturity in providing better experience to its customers across all of its touch points.

A good ICE maturity means the organization is Customer Centric and enjoys competitive advantage over its peer firms.

Typically ICE assesses an organization on the following areas:

  • Business Imperatives: Questions around Firm’s Positioning, Pricing and Customer Retention Strategies
  • Customer Strategy: Questions on Customer Experience Initiatives & Investments, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Strategy linkages to Brand, Business or Corporate Strategies
  • Do you know your Customer: Questions on 360 degree view of the customers, customer segments, preferences and trends
  • Sales Channels and Marketing: Are Sales and Marketing initiatives aligned or there is a mismatch in how these functions view, target, sell and service the customers
  • Technological Enablement: Questions firm’s ability to support its Strategic, Operational and Tactical initiatives through technology now and in the future
  • Employee Alignment: Checks whether the employees across business functions are aligned to the overall Customer Experience Delivery initiatives

Digital Marketing Transformation

We use Digital Marketing tools for SEO, Web and Mobile Analytics, Predictive and Social Analytics and also chart out the Customers Digital Journey.

  • Grow your traffic, convert leads, and prove ROI for your inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Shorten deal cycles and increase close rates with the provided sales tools.

Comprehensive SEO to help you punch up your website traffic. Data for around 150 million keywords in the U.S., and even more for 150 other countries.

Do competitive analysis, allows you to check out who is linking to your competitors, what their top pages are, and more. You can see where their content ranks and, using the Content Gap tool, identify key weaknesses for your content areas.

Allows you to see which pages get the most traffic, and you can see the amount of traffic going to competitors’ sites.